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Dear Supporter,

When my father, John Kenneth Galbraith, joined with Eleanor Roosevelt to form ADA in 1947, I doubt either of them foresaw the 112th Congress or the 2012 Republican Presidential field.  This country has become a bit strange lately, don’t you think?  The antidote is to fight back; not only to win the 2012 elections, but to change the debate and discourse, top to bottom.

We can do that.

We can do that by helping to return the Democratic Party to its roots.  We can make Democrats once again the party of America’s working families, and rebuild the broad-based, fighting-liberal coalition that has elected Democratic Presidents for over 80 years.

We can do that by taking on the Tea Party Republicans and demonstrating that their anti-job, anti-environment, anti-choice, anti-government policies are an unmitigated disaster.

We can do that by taking on the passive and weak leadership in the Democratic Party, for whom surrender and sell-out have become business as usual, all too often.

We can press for the policies that we know we need:  to create jobs, to rebuild America, to fight foreclosures, to restructure the banking system, to provide energy security, to battle climate change, and to do this under a fair and effective tax system that no longer coddles the very rich.

We can do that.  We must do that.

We can’t depend on the President and his Administration – that isn’t working.  We need strong progressive organizations like Americans for Democratic Action to push, prod, and speak truth to power.

And we can’t wait until they nominate – Michele Bachmann?  Mitt Romney?  Rick Perry?  We need to get started now.

Help us today!  Become a member or make a contribution to help us continue our legacy.

ADA has the tools:  online, out in the grassroots, and on Capitol Hill.  Above all, ADA understands the issues.  In the battles that matter, ADA is the liberal organization that flies our flag and fights the good fight.

ADA needs your support.  ADA has earned your support.  ADA is your voice – joined with many others – in the tough times ahead.

I hope you agree, and that you will contribute today, renewing your membership and your commitment to ADA, to the values that drew my father and Eleanor Roosevelt together back in 1947, and to the causes that we share today.


James Galbraith

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