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Congressional Briefing on Social Security

As the “Super Committee” begins the public phase of its discussions and its deadline approaches, it is critical that policymakers consider the implications of any potential changes to Social Security.  Join us this Thursday, October 27, 2011 for a congressional briefing on Social Security hosted by the ADA Education Fund.

12:00 noon to 1:30 PM
Senate Visitors’ Center 212-10
Washington, D.C.

Confirmed speakers include Nancy J. Altman, Co-Director, Social Security Works; Rich Fiesta, Director of Government and Political Affairs, Alliance for Retired Americans; and Judy Lear, National Chair and Acting Executive Director, Gray Panthers.

The 99% Verses the Republican Candidates’ Tax Plans

Hot on the heels of Herman Cain’s shortsighted “9-9-9” tax plan comes GOP presidential rival Texas Governor Rick Perry’s flat tax, due to be unveiled tomorrow.  No word yet on what that flat income tax rate will be, but there may be a clue in the Perry campaign’s choice of tax advisor: billionaire publisher Steve Forbes, who peddled a 17% flat tax when he ran for president in 1996 and 2000.
Flat tax proponents push their plans as simple.  Yet simple doesn’t mean fair and the two ideas are often in conflict.  ADA supports progressive taxation which would have higher rates for the wealthiest tax payers.  Robert Reich explains it here.


  • Eric Cantor on Opportunity: Aid the Rich, Kick the Poor -- by ADA’s featured blogger, Bob Lucore.
  • ADA’s National Director Michael J. Wilson was the keynote speaker at the Roosevelt Institute’s 2011 DC-International Regional Conference last Saturday!
  • A South Carolina GOP strategist admitted that voter suppression laws would have a negative impact on African-American voter turnout.
  • In another milestone in the movement for marriage equality, the New York Times profiled the recent marriage of Freedom to Marry Coalition founder Evan Wolfson to his longtime partner, Cheng He.  

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