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As voters across the nation prepare for Election Day this Tuesday, here are some of the more notable elections that we’ll we watching:


Iowa is in danger of becoming the next Wisconsin, with Iowa Republicans longing to take the state down the same anti-worker road.  The special election in Iowa Senate District 18 could shift the balance of power in the Iowa Senate.  As a result, it could mean a halt all in the progress the Iowa legislature has made toward universal pre-school, children’s health care, workers’ rights, minimum wage and countless other legislative priorities.  If you live in Iowa click here to find more about this critical election!


Ohio voters will make a decision on Issue 2, which would uphold an anti-worker law passed by the state legislature and supported by Gov. Kasich (and endorsed by Sarah Palin).  This law would eliminate collective bargaining rights for public employees, which is why the referendum effort to overturn it is so important.  A "yes" vote upholds S.B. 5, which bans public employees from being able to collectively bargain for benefits and amends current contracts to require employees to pay for a percentage of their health and pension benefits.  A "no" vote repeals the anti-worker law.  We urge all voters in Ohio to vote “no” and support public workers.


The Virginia State Senate is up for vote tomorrow, and if the GOP wins a majority they’ll have complete control of the state government.  This election is critical and has not received deserved attention.  Turnout is expected to be less than a third of the state's eligible voters, so if you know any VA voters -- tell them to vote tomorrow!


  • The jobs numbers were released last week for October.  While the nation added 80,000 new jobs, we all know that as long as our nation has 25 million workers in need of full-time employment, the unemployment crisis is far from over.  More here.
  • Read "Time to Tax Financial Speculation", by featured ADA blogger Bob Lucore.
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