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Election Day 2011 - Progressive Victories!

Voters made progressive choices at the ballot box last Tuesday.  Nationwide, we successfully blocked extreme right-wing efforts on voting rights, labor rights, immigration, and women's rights.

Ohio voters came together to support nurses, teachers, firefighters and other public employees in rejecting Issue 2, a measure pushed by Governor Kasich (R-OH).  SB 5, which passed earlier in the year, restricted collective bargaining rights for more than 360,000 public employees and changed current contracts to require employees to pay more towards health and pension benefits.  Over 60 percent of Ohio voters rejected the anti-worker Issue 2, which would have upheld SB 5.

In Mississippi, Ballot Measure 26 threatened to send women’s rights back to pre-Roe v. Wade days.  Voters strongly rejected the measure, which attempted to establish "personhood" upon conception, which would have outlawed abortions (with no exceptions), as well as many common birth control methods.

In the Hawkeye State, Democrat Liz Mathis won a special election, which allows Democrats to retain control of the Iowa State Senate.  This election was critical because, had the Republicans won, the GOP dominated state legislature would have had the power to turn back the clock on universal pre-school, children’s health care, workers’ rights, minimum wage, marriage equality  and countless other progressive priorities.  

Other progressive victories include:

  • Maine voters overwhelmingly defeated a Republican backed vote- suppression law that eliminated citizens’ right  to register to vote on Election Day.  
  • Openly gay and lesbian candidates nationwide were judged on their merits, rather than on the basis of their sexual orientation; 53 of the 75 candidates endorsed by the Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund won at the ballot box.
  • Arizona State Senator (and State Senate President) Russell Pearce, who led the battle for the state’s notorious crackdown on immigrants, lost his seat in a recall election that was widely seen as a barometer on immigration.


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