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Dear Supporter,

Today, Americans for Democratic Action (ADA) and Working Families Win (WFW) celebrate the decision of the U.S. Supreme Court to uphold the Affordable Care Act (ACA).  To date the ACA has kept 6.6 million young adults on their parents’ health plans, saved $3.2 billion in prescription drug costs for over 5 million seniors, made certain that up to 17 million children will no longer be denied coverage based on pre-existing conditions, and provided 54 million Americans with one or more free preventive services.

And for every one of those statistics, there’s a story about an American life that’s been saved by the ACA, or sick child who will now be able to get the healthcare he/she needs. Watch the video below to see what the ACA means for one Working Families Win volunteer.  Then, click here to read stories from more Working Families Win volunteers who have been touched by the ACA.

Although we celebrate this victory today, tomorrow the insurance lobby and their Republican allies will ruthlessly work to dismantle the ACA piece by piece.  However, ADA and WFW volunteers and organizers are one step ahead of them; we are already working to see that the ACA is fully implemented and are fighting to take big insurance out of American’s lives all together.  We need your help!

We are educating and mobilizing in communities across the country to pass a well established, successful, and uniquely American model for healthcare reform and that’s Medicare Part ‘E’ – “Medicare for Everyone.” Since its establishment in 1965, Medicare has been a national treasure providing coverage to 45 million people 65 and older and those with disabilities. Now let's finish the job!

Send us a contribution today so our field staff can finish the fight for Medicare Part ‘E’!

In solidarity,

Don, Will, Karen, Rebecca, Chris, Mary & Jordan

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