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Mobilizing for Medicare ‘Part-E’

Last week we celebrated a progressive victory when the Supreme Court upheld the individual mandate in the Affordable Care Act (ACA).  While we applaud the positive steps forward in the Affordable Care Act, we know this victory is simply a first step.  Even when the ACA is fully implemented, 27 million Americans will still be uninsured.  We must work toward a health care system that puts care before the corporate coin, and we need your help to take the health care battle to the next level.  Please make a donation today!

To those of you who already contributed, thank you!  Your donations have allowed our Working Families Win campaign to team up with Alliance of Retired Americans and Progress Iowa to host an educational panel on what’s next for the Affordable Care Act.  Stay tuned for details.

And that’s not all -- we have only begun to educate communities and policy makers on the critical need for “Medicare Part-E” – Medicare for Everyone.   It is not too late to help ADA and Working Families Win (WFW) educate the public, push for progressive policy, and ensure that health care for all is a key election issue.  Your support will help make a difference today!

Across the Country, Together We Celebrated an American-Made Independence Day

We are proud to report that activists from 21 states answered the call to “Buy American” this Fourth of July and host an American-Made Independence Day Party!  Volunteers across the country from Alaska to Georgia and from Arizona to Maryland helped educate their friends, family and neighbors about the benefits of Buying American.  Check out just some of the Made in America party pictures here.  ADA and Working Families Win will continue to promote policies that Invest in America, and we very much look forward to working closely with you again in the future.  You can stay up-to-date on our activity by visiting our website or following WFW on Facebook or Twitter.

Texas Tests Voter ID Law

This week, the state of Texas finds itself in a U.S. District Court fighting to uphold its voter ID law.  In March, the Justice Department blocked the state’s new voter ID law, noting that over 600,000 registered voters do not have the prescribed government-issued picture identification, the majority of which are Democratic- leaning Hispanic voters.   If the court upholds this law, 2.3 million Texans will be affected by this suppressive law.  Opening arguments started today, and testimony is expected to continue through Friday. 


  • Progressive leader and women’s rights advocate Joyce Miller died at 84.  She was a founding member and later president of the Coalition of Labor Union Women, and also the first woman elected to the executive board of the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO).  Miller was an ADA Vice President and had been honored by ADA with the Winn Newman Lifetime Achievement Award. 
  • Want to know what's next after the Affordable Care Act?  Read Bob Lucore's latest blog. 

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