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Dear Supporter,

Someone had to do it.

Grover Norquist has held the American political system hostage for too long. It was high time someone stood up to him.

The irresponsible “no new taxes” pledge he’s extracted from half our Congress strangles the legislative process and endangers our nation’s credit, prosperity and security.

His fervid anti‐government ideology poisons the political process, breeding public helplessness and despair—a sense that we can no longer accomplish great things together.

We here at ADA said, “Enough is enough!”

Working with allies like the AFL‐CIO and the Patriotic Millionaires, we organized a protest rally outside Grover Norquist’s downtown Washington offices.

The date chosen? Grover’s least favorite of the year: the April tax‐filing deadline.

The format? Simple and powerful: a crate to stand on, a bullhorn for a sound system, a crowd to sing, chant and cheer. And cheer they did for powerful presentations on tax fairness, public investment, responsible budgeting—and, perhaps most importantly, on who deserves our political leaders’ allegiance: Grover Norquist or the American people.

This is the kind of fight ADA was made for: a vigorous promotion of progressive values against the forces of division and special interest.

But now we want to take it beyond signs, slogans and speeches—take our message from the sidewalk outside Grover Norquist’s office to the living rooms of American voters. That’s the only way to bring about the political changes we need to ensure that everyone in our society pays their fair share and our nation maintains the kind of vital public investments it needs in education, health care, transportation, research, and the environment.

The kind of community campaign we need to effectively impact the political debate this year requires the financial commitment of progressives like you. Won’t you help us defeat Grover Norquist and all the regressive ideas he stands for?

Our Working Families Win project has a decade‐long record of running successful campaigns for economic fairness. We have the expertise and the energy; now all we need are the resources to succeed. Your investment of $50, $100 or whatever you can afford will help put a seasoned campaign in the field to influence elections this year and legislation for years to come.

America is better than the dark vision of Grover Norquist. With your financial support, we can hire experienced organizers to educate and mobilize citizens across the country to reject “allegiance to Grover” and embrace once again a nation that works for everyone.

Then we will say of Mr. Norquist’s long reign of error: “Grover, it’s over.”

In Solidarity,

Don Kusler
Executive Director

P.S.: Grover Norquist’s allies on the Far Right will be spending hundreds of millions of dollars over the next few months to convince Americans to vote against their own economic interests. With the facts on our side, we can leverage a much smaller investment into victory at the polls and beyond. Wouldn’t you like to be part of that effort by contributing today?

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