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Today, the Senate is set to vote on the Disclosure Act of 2012. If it passes, it will be a critical step for campaign finance reform that will affect this fall’s elections. The DISCLOSE Act would expose who is financing  SuperPACs, which have quickly surpassed traditional Political Action Committees (PAC) in amassing big bucks.  Currently, the loophole that Citizens United opened is being exploited by SuperPACs that are able to spend an unlimited amount without having to disclose the names of their donors during the election.  

The DISCLOSE Act would require a SuperPAC to report to the Federal Election Commission within 24 hours on any donor who gives more than $10,000.  It would also require companies that pay for political ads to identify their sponsorship, as candidates are required to do now.  This prevents SuperPACs from funneling unlimited amounts of shadow money into campaigns. While Republicans claim disclosure to be an “un-American” attack on their First Amendment rights, ADA believes this bill must be passed to save the integrity of our election system.  Plain and simple, corporations are not people and the DISCLOSE Act will help the American people know who is blanketing the airwaves with political attack ads.

Upcoming ADA Events

Save the date! You will surely want to attend ADA’s annual Banquet on Wednesday, September 12 in Washington, DC. Watch for more details on location and honorees.  Last year, we honored progressive hero Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi.  Other honorees and speakers included Sen. John Kerry, NEA President Dennis Van Roekel, Jack Blum, Esq., and ADA President Rep. Lynn Woolsey.  View photos from last year’s event here.

On November 8, ADA will celebrate the lifetime career and achievements of former ADA President Rep. Barney Frank at a reception in New York City.  We also congratulate Rep. Frank on his marriage to his longtime partner Jim Ready this month, making  Rep. Frank the first sitting Member of Congress to enter into a same-sex marriage.  Stay tuned for more details on the November reception.


  • U.S. taxes are at their lowest rate in 30 years.  How is it then that the Republicans are winning the tax rhetoric debate?  Read Bob Lucore's blog "America is NOT Overtaxed" for more.  

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