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NYC Reception to Honor Rep. Barney Frank

Join us as we honor former ADA President, The Honorable Barney Frank (D-MA), for his legendary career.  With his quick wit and keen mind, he’s been a stalwart voice for the very best liberal ideas and ideals. 

WhatReception Honoring Rep. Barney Frank
When:  November 8th from 6:00 - 8:00 PM
Where:  The New York City home of Peter Yarrow (of Peter, Paul, and Mary)

Space is extremely limited for this private reception, so reserve your tickets today

Are You Ready to Vote?

With 36 days left until election day, are you prepared to vote?  Absentee and early voting has already started in many states; has early voting begun in your state?  Find voter information for your state, here!

If you ever have a question or encounter a problem registering or voting, call 1-866-OUR-VOTE.  This national voter protection hotline has volunteers on hand to answer your questions and protect your voting rights.  Spread the word and see you at the polls on November 6!

ADA backs Obama's measured response...  Do you?

Over the last several weeks, we've watched the world react to an anti-Muslim film with acts of violence directed primarily at western diplomatic missions.  While this has sparked many attacks and anti-American sentiment, it has also caused others to stand up against these attacks that do not represent the feelings of the people.   

Now is the time to act thoughtfully and offer a measured and restrained response.  ADA has enacted policy resolution supporting President Obama’s restrained and measured response to these events.  It is not the alleged weakness of the United States that has caused these incidents; instead, it will be our faith that the rule of law will prevail in this time of mob action that will demonstrate our strength. Use ADA’s online advocacy tools to send a letter to your local paper today.  


  • For more than a generation, Republicans have claimed that tax cuts for the rich will fix almost anything that ails the economy. Have these tax cuts worked as promised?
  • Romney can no longer say that President Obama's first term resulted in a loss of jobs. Even though Obama started the job in the worst economic downturn of our time (Thanks, Bush!), he turned it around to create a net of 125,000 new jobs in his first term.

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