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Dear Supporter,

With the choice of Paul Ryan to round out the Republican presidential ticket, the battle lines are clear: this will be an election about the survival of the American Middle Class. It’s an election we can’t afford to lose.

The good news is there are no more pretenses. From Romney-Ryan down to the most obscure state legislative candidate, conservatives are open about their priorities, which do not include 47% of us. “We care only for the wealthiest families and most profitable corporations,” they proclaim loudly with every policy choice. And if the other 99% sink completely out of view, they’ve made it plain that it’s none of their concern.

The bad news is they’ll have about a billion dollars with which to hoodwink the American public into buying this cynical, catastrophic ideology.

We can’t let it happen. You can’t let it happen. Americans for Democratic Action is working to make sure it doesn’t happen.

We’re on the ground right now in the crucial swing states with organizing teams registering voters, holding house meetings, working the issues, doing the kind of grassroots campaigning we need to counter the enormous conservative money machine. We are mobilizing younger voters, suburban women, Hispanics and African-Americans. But we need your help. It costs $5,000 a month to maintain an organizer in the field. Won’t you help fund one of these vital positions by renewing your membership or joining ADA today?

Join or Renew Your ADA Membership Today!

ADA continues to hold the liberal banner high, championing policies that expand economic opportunity and personal freedom, promote international peace and preserve our natural environment. These efforts need your support as well. Never has the need for a fact-based but impassioned, history-grounded but forward-looking advocacy of progressive ideals been greater than right now. No other organization is better equipped to be that advocate. But we can only do it with your help.

The conservative team is funded. The stakes are set. Now is the time for liberals to raise the funds and join the fight. 

In Solidarity,

Don Kusler

P.S.: The Koch brothers are backing the conservative agenda with hundreds of millions of dollars. With truth on our side, we can win with much less. But we need your support. Please consider a generous contribution today.

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