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Dear Supporter,

Only a few days are left before the 2012 election. Americans for Democratic Action wants to remind you to vote (if you haven’t already), to stay active in your community this weekend and through election day getting others out to vote, and to share with you what we are doing thanks to your activism and financial support.

We told you last week how we’ve spent your contributions to ADA's Political Action Committee (ADA/PAC).  Now we want to highlight how we are using your dollars contributed to Americans for Democratic Action. 

With only a few days to go, please help us maximize Americans for Democratic Action’s efforts by sending a contribution today.  Make a special ADA contribution now!

Spotlight on Action:

While our work over the past few months has covered over 30 key communities in dozens of states, we want to highlight three areas for you.

Nevada, Iowa, and New Hampshire: 

These are critical states from the state legislature on up to the Presidential election. ADA, thanks to your support, has organizers on the ground in key areas in these states educating and turning out voters.

This is important because each of these elections will decide whether state legislative matters are controlled by Tea Party extremists or by more rational and progressive leaders.

Each state also has the opportunity to elect more progressives to the House of Representatives and/or the Senate so that Washington has a chance to change for the better.

And…these ‘toss-up’ battleground states represent 16 electoral votes in the Presidential election contest. Combined that is as many or more than Virginia, North Carolina, Michigan, and Wisconsin respectively. It’s only 2 electoral votes shy of Ohio’s total!

Thank you again for making these efforts possible. Without you, we couldn’t do this. Once again, please help us maximize ADA’s efforts by making a contribution today.  Make a special ADA contribution now!

In Solidarity,

Don, Karen, Rebecca, Chris, Will and the entire ADA field team.

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