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Fix the Filibuster

The use of the filibuster, a procedural tactic used in the U.S. Senate to stall or block new legislation, has changed dramatically over the years.  It was once used to speed the passage of legislation, but now is mostly used to slows it down or block debate completely.  In the last six years, there have been over 300 filibusters used to block progress.  

Making the Senate work again for the American people is a top priority of ADA.  That's why we support Senators Tom Udall (D-NM), Jeff Merkley (D-OR), and Tom Harkin's (D-IA) resolution to change the rules to require a “talking filibuster” instead of the current “silent filibuster.”  If a Senator wants to stop a piece of legislation, he or she should at least be required to speak in order to halt the legislation.

Please take a moment (really, it only takes a minute!) to use our online action tools to email your Senator now and urge them to support filibuster reform.

"Right-to-work" Laws Confer No Rights and Create No Work

ADA Executive Director Don Kusler has a new op-ed on Michigan's right-to-work law featured in a newspaper near you. 

Fiscal Cliff Deal just the Beginning

While it's not perfect, the fiscal cliff deal that Congress passed on New Years Day is a good start.  There is still much to do.  While the Bush-era tax cuts are now permanent for the middle class, the deal came up short for tax fairness for households making between $250,000 and $450,000.  Read ADA's complete statement.


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