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Filibuster Deal Hardly Robust

Last week, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) and Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) announced a series of compromises reached to form a filibuster deal.  This deal fell drastically short of what many progressives hoped would be a fundamental transformation of the ways in which the Senate conducts its proceedings.  While the deal will limit debate time and require senators to be physically present in order to filibuster a piece of legislation, it still allows the “silent filibuster” and requires 60 votes to invoke cloture on that motion.  

The resolution proposed by Senators Jeff Merkley (D-OR), Tom Harkin (D-IA), and Tom Udall (D-NM), and supported by a number of progressive organizations (including ADA), would have  required senators to speak (otherwise known as a “talking filibuster”) in order to obstruct a bill's passage.

While ADA believes that this deal provides some positive steps forward, overall we think that the Senate missed an ideal opportunity to embrace real reform that would have benefited all Americans by letting our elected officials focus on voting on legislation instead of obstructing it.

President Obama’s 2nd Inauguration

Americans for Democratic Action commends and congratulates President Obama for delivering one of the most significant Inaugural speeches in our nation's history. Rarely have progressive values received such a powerful endorsement; from his vivid allusions to the civil rights movements, to his courageous plea for recognition and acceptance of the LGBT community, President Obama gave voice to those ideals and principles which preserve the rights of all Americans, regardless of their race, gender, religion or sexual orientation.
Read ADA’s complete statement. 

Tax Fairness

The fight for tax fairness is far from over.  While Social Security and Medicare were left intact in the recent "fiscal cliff", Republican conservatives are strategizing how to force $1 billion in across-the- board cuts when the funding extension expires in May.  

ADA won’t stop protecting these critical programs.  That’s why we’re asking you to join our Tax Fairness Congressional Call-in Day, Wednesday January 30th.   Call the Capitol Hill Switchboard at 202.224.312 and ask for your member of Congress.  Key points:

  • Our country needs adequate and sustainable revenue to help make the economy work for all. Letting the Bush tax cuts expire for the wealthiest 0.7% of Americans was only the first step towards revenue-positive tax reform. We need to raise adequate revenues to meet critical needs in a fair and fiscally responsible manner.
  • Big U.S. corporations and wealthy Americans should contribute responsibly towards the costs of government and the wellbeing of the economy. Corporations should not be rewarded for shifting jobs and investment overseas or disguising U.S. profits as foreign profits to reduce their taxes. We need to close corporate tax loopholes so we can level the playing field and raise revenues needed to restore economic vitality.
  • We need a tax system that is fair and provides sufficient revenue. Cuts to programs and services that put people back to work, make the economy strong, and protect our most vulnerable citizens undermine our economic recovery and are the wrong way to address our budget challenges.

Watch Video Submissions from the 4th Annual “What Would Martin Do?” Project

The ADA Education Fund continued the “What Would Martin Do?” tradition for a fourth year, this time asking YOU your thoughts on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., the labor movement, and the American Dream.

Watch video submissions from "What Would Martin Do?" or submit your own!  Learn more here.  Video highlights:


  • ADA has expanded our efforts into the great state of Indiana.  We will be hosting press conferences this Wednesday, January 30, at noon to "Demand Fair Taxes, Not Cuts".  Contact us if you’d like more information on attending these events.
  • Liberals know it will be a difficult task to renew our nation’s system of shared social commitments. But President Obama's inaugural address should be encouraging nonetheless.  Check out Bob Lucore's latest blog.

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