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The budget battle is on.  With the Democrats and Republicans going head-to-head with opposing budget proposals, it’s critical that we work together to have our voices heard.

Paul Ryan’s latest budget proposal is not about saving money, it’s about destroying programs critical to working Americans: transforming Medicare into a voucher program; cutting Medicaid and food stamps and turning over what’s left to often hostile state governments;  ignoring infrastructure, impoverishing education.  If that wasn’t enough, Ryan and his fellow Congressional conservatives plan to give NEW tax breaks to tax-dodging corporations and the wealthiest Americans.

The Republican Tea Party is holding us hostage, and we can’t negotiate!  Send this letter to your Senators now.

Letter text:
Dear Senator:
We cannot let the Tea Party hold our nation’s prosperity hostage.  I urge you to support Senator Patty Murray’s proposed budget, which would raise $1 trillion in new revenue.  

We can protect jobs and our critical programs if we ensure that the richest 2% and big corporations pay their fair share of taxes.  I urge you to close corporate tax loopholes that give breaks to corporations that offshore profits and jobs, and to limit tax deductions for the richest 2% to the same rate as that of middle-class Americans.

Send this letter to your Senators now!

Want to do even more?  ADA is a proud member of Americans for Tax Fairness, a diverse group of organizations united in support of a tax system that works for all Americans.  You can double your impact by taking a similar action with Americans for Tax FairnessDouble your influence and show your Senator that you care about tax fairness!

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