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Don’t Listen to the Lies!

The Kochs, the Pete Petersons, and the Republicans are at it again – attacking Social Security with lies and distortions.  While the media report these misleading stories, we’ll report the facts.  The Social Security Trustees released their annual report on Social Security’s finances last week.  Herewith, the facts:

  • Social Security is not going broke.  Social Security can pay 100% of benefits for the next 20 years – even if Congress does nothing.
  • Social Security can continue to pay 77 percent of promised benefits after 2033 from payroll taxes, even if Congress takes no action.
  • For future generations, the program can pay 100% of benefits with modest changes, like requiring high earners to pay payroll taxes on all their earnings.
  • Social Security is mounting a huge surplus, taking in more income than it pays out in benefits.  It will continue to run surpluses through 2020, even if Congress takes no action.
  • Social Security is working just as intended. It has been building up Trust Funds to provide a reserve to be drawn upon when needed to support the Baby Boomers’ retirement.

Social Security is not only a major source of income for most seniors; it provides benefits to disabled workers and survivors of deceased workers.  It is a program that Republicans have opposed since its inception; it’s a program that works. Social Security represents America at its best, and it’s now up to us to defend it. The program has nothing to do with the deficit and shouldn’t be part of the deficit/debt discussion at all.

Now is the time to let your voice be heard before it’s too late.  Help us protect Social Security from those who are prepared to cut it.

Your generous contribution will help ADA continue to educate, organize and mobilize to defeat these cuts and protect Social Security.  

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  • Forty Delawareans came together to celebrate JFK’s Legacy and learn more about the choice between closing corporate tax loopholes and cutting Social Security or Medicare.  The event was co-sponsored by Delaware ADA, NCPSSM, DSEA, AFSCME Council 81, Delaware NOW, Delaware NAACP, Delaware CBTU, and SEIU 32BJ.  Check out photos here
  • We support Walmart workers on the "Ride for Respect".  Read "Demanding Respect from Wal-Mart" by Bob Lucore for more details.

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