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Dear Supporter,

As we celebrate the 4th of July we look to celebrate our Nation’s independence, patriotism, and what it means to be American. But while we watch the parades and fireworks, we should reflect on how to better our country. While we celebrate our nationalism, many American corporations will be celebrating their anti-American tax dodging schemes, unless we do something about it.

This July 4th, American corporations will continue to dodge taxes through legal loopholes that encourage the shipment of profits and jobs overseas. The same children you will see march in the parade tomorrow are directly affected by these corporate tax dodging schemes that, in the end, divert funding for critical programs like education and infrastructure.

This holiday, remind American corporations what it means to be truly American; to invest in America, help reduce the deficit, invest in and educate our children, and keep jobs in the United States.
If you care about more “Made in the USA” signs, we need to level the playing field through the elimination of tax loopholes for big corporations.

Before beginning your Fourth of July festivities:
Distribute this flyer that lists the top unpatriotic tax dodgers and the profits they steal instead of investing in America.
Send this Letter to the Editor to your local paper.  It takes less than a minute!
Make a special contribution to ADA to help us continue our efforts to raise awareness and end corporate tax loopholes.

Right now, these corporations are lobbying Congress for a special tax holiday that would allow them to bring these enormous profits back to the U.S. and pay only a tiny fraction of the taxes they owe.  We can’t let that happen while the same Congress is cutting student loans, and other critical programs that those profits should be funding!  

Donate to ADA this Independence Day and your money will go directly to letting big corporations know that they must pay their fair share of taxes. Your activism is important and can make a difference

We wish you a safe and happy 4th of July.

In Solidarity,

The ADA Team

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