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Dear Supporter,

We have about a week to stop a rush to war in Syria. Please Call your Representative and Senators now at (866) 220-0044 and urge them to vote NO on the authorization to use force in Syria.  Don't know your Representative or Senator? Find your Representative and/or Senator by entering your zip code.

ADA has long been known for fighting against the Vietnam War and George Bush’s Iraq invasion and against the cycle of endless war.  Yesterday, a Senate panel voted to approve a resolution giving President Obama the authority to use force in Syria.  Now, the nation is watching and waiting for Congress and President Obama to decide upon the authorization of military force in Syria. But we cannot wait.

The conflict in Syria is in a word complex.  We must avoid the tendency to oversimplify this conflict.  ADA believes that the United States should not be using military intervention in Syria.  The American public overwhelming agrees, but we need your help to make sure Congress hears our voices.

Right now, we have a chance to make a big difference—if we work together, this can play out in the best interests of the United States, the people of Syria, and the world!  Will you help us talk to your Senators and Representatives about this critical issue?  

Call the US Capitol Switchboard toll-free at (866) 220-0044 and ask to be connected to your Representative’s office. 

Talking Points and Concerns:

1.    There is no guarantee that strikes will deter future use of chemical weapons.
2.    The current draft of the authorization legislation is very broad. It could lead to a longer conflict if initial strikes lead to a wider conflict in Syria or even escalate beyond its borders.
3.    As the costs of the Iraq and Afghan wars approach the $1.5 Trillion cost mark and our fragile economy recovers slowly, intervention in Syria would be an unneeded distraction from our own problems at home. Congress and the President need to spend their energy and the treasury on the vulnerable here in the United States. Americans, particularly the poor, children, and seniors, are suffering from economic hardship only worsened by the failure of Congress to avoid across the board cuts to vital programs for those most in need.
4.    The protection of human rights here and abroad should be an ongoing issue of action for the United States, but through humanitarian efforts and robust diplomacy.

Other things you can do?

1.    Help ADA continue working on this and other critical issues with a contribution today.
2.    Write a letter to the editor of your local paper NOW against the use of military force in Syria.
3.    Track down your Senators or Member of Congress while they are at home this weekend to have a face-to-face conversation.
4..    Forward this email to friends, relatives, and colleagues.

Call your Representatives and Senators today at (866) 220-0044 before it’s too late.

Thank you for your actions and support.

In Solidarity,

The ADA Team

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