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ADA strongly opposes any military action in Syria.  We firmly believe that this is an international problem that needs to be solved peacefully by the international community since military action will only make matters worse. It is our hope that international efforts to push Syria to hand over its chemical weapons to international control succeed.  

In the meantime, we cannot stand by, watch, and do nothing.  Especially while the White House is unable to verify “irrefutable, beyond-a-reasonable-doubt evidence” that Syrian President Bashar Assad was behind the August gas attack.  President Obama has a planned to dominate the airwaves today with six interviews in an attempt to make his case for military intervention in Syria to the public.  Congress is expected to vote tomorrow or Wednesday to authorize the use force against the Syrian government.  

Let’s stand together against American military action in Syria. 

1.    Call your Representative and Senators now at (866) 220-0044 and urge them to vote 'NO' on the authorization to use force in Syria.  Don't know your Representative or Senator? Find your Representative and/or Senator by entering your zip code.
2.    Send your Representative and Senator an email message now, urging them to vote 'NO' on authorizing the use force in Syria.
3.    Help ADA continue working on this and other critical issues with a contribution today.
4.    Forward this email to friends, relatives, and colleagues.  Spread the word!

Right now, we have a chance to make a big difference—if we work together to ensure that this plays out in the best interests of the United States, the people of Syria, and the world.  Will you help us by persuading your Senators and Representatives on this critical issue?  Contact your Members of Congress via ADA’s online lobby tools and by calling the US Capitol Switchboard toll-free at (866) 220-0044 and ask to be connected to your Representative’s office before it’s too late.


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