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John McCain - You Can't Really Blame Him But It's Time for Us to Fight Back

By all odds, this should have been a disastrous week for the McCain campaign.  The facts were all against him.  In reports released just this week:

Fact:  According to the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office, a weak economy battered by a housing crisis, high fuel prices and an unjustifiable war in Iraq will mean that the next President will inherit a budget deficit well over $500 billion.  George Bush inherited a surplus of almost $240 billion.

John McCain says that the U.S. economy is basically sound.

Fact:  The Interior Department's Inspector General's office, following an internal investigation, announced that employees from the office charged with collecting billions of dollars worth of royalties from oil and gas companies were - literally - in bed with some of our nation's largest oil firms.  That's right, federal employees in President Bush's Interior Department accepted gifts from and steered contracts to oil companies whom they favored.  And, they had sex with oil company employees.  These are the same companies which - despite ample environmental evidence to the contrary - are trying to gain approval to drill in the Alaskan wilderness and offshore. 

At the urging of the Bush Administration and their oil company cronies, John McCain has reversed a previously held position and is now in favor of immediate offshore drilling.

Fact:  Seven years ago today, attacks were launched on the United States directed by an international terrorist based in Afghanistan.  Almost immediately, the Bush Administration, with the strong support of John McCain, took its eye off Afghanistan and began a war on Iraq based on lies and deceit.  Yesterday, Admiral Michael Mullen, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, told a Congressional hearing that he "is not convinced that we're winning the war in Afghanistan."  That's what we would call a gross understatement. 

John McCain wants to continue the war in Iraq for 100 years "if necessary."

The facts are devastating!  So, what did John McCain and the media focus on yesterday?


With apologies in advance to any avian or porcine family members we may be insulting:  That pig won't fly.

If the media won't take John McCain on on the facts, we have to and we will.  But, it will take the work of each and every one of us.

Here's what you can do immediately:

Send a contribution to ADA's Liberal Victory Fund to support our work.  Since John McCain is lipstick averse, we will send the first 100 people who contribute $150 or more an eyeliner pencil along with a stamped pre-addressed ADA note card to use in sending a message to the McCain Campaign.  You can choose your own message but we would suggest something along the lines of "Enough!  It's time to discuss the issues, not make up."  Then, use the pencil to write a letter to the editor and get the message out far and wide that we will not sit back silently while Bush-Cheney-McCain outrages continue.  Our nation cannot afford it. 

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