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Home Foreclosures Continue Unabated
Gas Prices Spike
Lehman Brothers Falls
Merrill Lynch is Bought Out by Bank of America
AIG teeters on the Brink of Disaster
Thousands More Unemployed

John McCain, "The fundamentals of the American economy are strong."

It's a statement McCain keeps reiterating but….


And, then, to make matters worse, John McCain tried to make it better by saying today, "What I obviously was saying and I believe, is that American workers, the most productive and the most innovative - they are the fundamentals of our economy and the strength of it…" 

We couldn't agree more but we think he has a very odd way of showing his appreciation for hard-working Americans.  As a Senator he:

  • voted against increasing the federal minimum wage
  • opposes ensuring that women get equal pay for equal work
  • opposes a national health care plan that would guarantee that all working Americans get the health care they need
  • opposed the Employee Free Choice Act to ensure that workers have the opportunity to organize in their workplace free of employer intimidation
  • voted against increased spending for low-income heating assistance
  • opposed reauthorizing the State Children's Health Insurance Program
  • voted against emergency health care for Katrina victims

And, that's just a cursory glance! 

What an odd way to say thank you to America's workers - the strength of our economy!

It's time to tell John McCain that American voters get it; we aren't as dumb as he obviously thinks we are.  As this is being written, ADA's economic team is updating our highly regarded reports on
Income Inequality in the United States and our equally widely used "Misery Index".  We will get the word out far and wide that John McCain simply doesn't get it: 

The fundamentals of our economy are not strong and we need a major change in leadership - the election of Barack Obama as President - to get us back on track.

We will do our part but we do need your help.  Please spread the word about the McCain voting record.  Make sure everyone you talk to knows the facts.  And, help us do the research, organize the voters and get the word out as broadly as possible by contributing today to ADA's Liberal Victory Fund.  Together, we can change America.

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