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Wall Street Bail Out Fails in the House

The House has just failed to pass a compromise bill that would have given financial institutions $700 billion in government assistance but also included stong measures supported by ADA to protect taxpayers.  It is unclear what Congress will do next but ADA is moving forward rapidly with further legislative proposals that will address the economic needs of working people.   Included in these proposals is an extention of unemployment benefits, an investment in public infrastructure, federal dollars and tax breaks for the alternative energy industry, and further assistance to help struggling home owners.  These and other priorities will dominate ADA's legislative efforts for the remainder of the year and into the next Congress and Administration.  We need your support.  Please donate to ADA so that we can keep putting the pressure on Congress to put working people first.

Legislative Action

$700 billion for Wall Street?  How about a little help for Main Street.

Thanks to ADA members, who contacted more than 200 Congressional offices, we were able to stop the Bush/Paulson billion dollar Wall Street give-away.   Although the bill offered by former ADA President Barney Frank was not perfect, it was better; but it has now failed.  That does not mean the job is done!  Now is the time to send your Member of Congress this letter demanding they do what they should have done in the first place.  Pass an economic stimulus package that puts working people first.

Articles of Interest

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Quote of the Week

"Well if that stopped people from voting, then shame on them.  If people's feelings were hurt because of a speech and that led them to vote differently than what they thought the national interest (requires), then they really don't belong here. They're not tough enough."

-Representative Barney Frank, on Republicans' claims they voted against the bail out because they did not like the partisan tone of some speeches.

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