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With many in Congress totally focused on Wall Street, lets look at the view on Main Street:

  • 159,000 jobs lost in September
  • 760,000 jobs lost this year
  • Over 770,000 families have lost their homes in the last year
  • 47 million Americans without health insurance
  • 7% increase in college tuition in 2008 alone

These numbers show the desperate need of working families, not the rosy picture John McCain has painted right up until the political winds shifted.  Inexplicably, the only number some in Congress seem to care about is $700 billion for Wall Street.  Just yesterday, Senate Republicans blocked Democrats' from crafting a short extension of unemployment benefits.  ADA National Director Amy Isaacs responded with this statement:

"Millions of Americans' unemployment benefits will run out in a few weeks yet Republican Senators, as one of their final acts before returning home to campaign, chose not to include a short extension.  It appears the only jobs these guys care about are their own.  It is outrageous they spent the last month tripping over each other to be first with help for millionaire Wall Street bankers, but when it comes to ordinary Americans, Senate Republicans turned their backs.  The tears they shed earlier this week for working people are only crocodile tears."

The latest Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) report for September 2008 showed a 159,000 increase in the unemployed, a total of 760,000 dropped from payrolls in 2008, a rate of 6.1%.  That's not the whole picture, of course.  ADA calculates the "real unemployment rate" which includes the long term unemployed dropped from the roles and part-time workers willing to work full-time jobs if they were available, among other under-employed workers,  at 11%.

The House will vote today on the bail out bill, and while not as terrible as the original, there is still not nearly enough help for working families.  We say it's time to focus on a real economic recovery - one that changes the view on Main Street!

Click here to send an email to your Senators and Representative urging passage of an extension of unemployment benefits for the people suffering the most from the Bush/Paulson/McCain economic disaster.

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