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The United States, as you well know, is in the midst of a major, ongoing, and -- even more frightening -- worsening financial crisis, one that's spreading even as you read this.   The crisis is the direct consequence of ideology and greed-driven financial market deregulation.  Deregulation so self-evidently disastrous that President Bush's own Treasury Secretary, multimillionaire Hank Paulson, is calling for re-regulation.

The question is what kind of regulations we'll get, how tough they'll be, who will write them, and who will enforce them -- all issues that Congress and President Obama will take up as a top priority next January.   THAT'S WHY WALL STREET IS POURING MILLIONS INTO WASHINTON RIGHT NOW.   What they're doing is not illegal -- but it is the absolute best reason why ADA needs your support for our 2008 Liberal Victory Fund.  

Groups like ADA have only the next few weeks to prove -- through the support we give, in all forms, to the Obama campaign but not least in the currency that politicians and power understand best -- just how critical our values and our vision are to his victory, far more critical than Wall Street's check-writing ability.  More than a million and a half voters have given directly to the Obama campaign -- a triumph itself in the war against Big Money.   But, we also need to send a crucial message by supporting independent, issue-based organizations like ADA to signal just how determined we're going to be to help President Obama, once he's in office, fight for the liberal programs and policies that are the reasons we support him.

Donate Now.

Last week, during the height of the bail out debate, ADA introduced you to the power of our new website.  Using this new technology led to thousands of emails, faxes and phone calls to Members of Congress and, while the bill was not all we hoped for, it was greatly improved.  This is the power of our combined voices and an example of the great things we can do when we have all the resources we need.

Please, click here to donate today to ADA's Liberal Victory Fund so we CAN do everything we MUST do to ensure Senator Obama becomes President Obama.

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