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October 24, 2008
Dear Friend,
In addition to other communications like ADA's News and Notes and Action Alerts, I wanted to take a moment to make a special request and share organizational information about Americans for Democratic Action.  In particular, and because there is not a minute to waste in these historic times, I wanted you to know that ADA has launched our 2009 membership drive.  
I am sure you will agree that it is essential for ADA to be prepared - before we even get to the election - to stand ready to immediately dispatch and redeploy the thousands of volunteers who are working in ADA's grass-roots, voter education program, Working Families Win wherever they are most needed after the election.  
As I write you, Working Families Win is in communities around the country - in Fairbanks, Alaska; Fayetteville, North Carolina; Fort Collins, Colorado; Jackson, Michigan; and dozens upon dozens more.  After Election Day, ADA must continue to focus the national conversation on the way in which policies in Washington impact the financial health of every individual, family and community across the country.  
Click here: To do so, ADA needs your support today!  
Washington's thousands of well-entrenched lobbyists - and the powerful forces behind them - aren't going to surrender just because we win some or all of the critical elections on November 4.  From 60 years experience, we at ADA know that all of us are going to have to keep the pressure on, throughout 2009 and beyond.
That's because Ben Franklin was right, at the end of the Constitutional Convention in 1787, when he told the woman who asked what kind of government America would henceforth have: "A republic, madam-if you can keep it."  
Like generations of progressives before us - who won landmark victories in fighting to abolish slavery, extending equality to women, giving workers the right to organize, founding Social Security, or making sure our environment is protected - we're going to have to struggle to make sure the gains we make on Election Day are translated into legislative and policy victories in that same tradition.            
Click here: Please join ADA's efforts in 2009!     
I thank you in advance for your support - not just on behalf of ADA, but on behalf of the nation and the world.

Yours truly,

Richard Parker
P. S. No matter what happens on Election Day, ADA staff and volunteers will need to redouble their efforts (if that's even possible, because they are working full out right now).  Please, do me a favor, and add your financial support today - why not do it right now?  I hope I can count on you to do your part.  Thank you in advance.  Click here: Please join ADA's efforts in 2009!

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