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There are just 5 days left and the candidates have made their cases.  Have you done everything you can do to ensure liberals win on Election Day?

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Have you already voted or are you waiting for Election Day?  What activities are you planning on Election Day?  What have you been doing to help liberals achieve victory?  Let ADA and others know.  Your work may inspire others!

Here is what a few ADA organizers are doing to get out the vote:

  • Organizer Katherine Enright in New Mexico has been working on recruiting canvass volunteers by targeting University dormitories and through the Hispanic Cultural Center.

  • Phila Back's volunteers in southeast Pennsylvania knocked on 550 doors in Reading during their initial canvass. 

  • In North Carolina, Ruth Mitchell is canvassing three days/week with a large group of volunteers and every night with just herself and one or two others. 

  • In Iowa, Chris Schwartz says his canvassers found that people in Mason City really responded well to the TRADE ACT.  It is a city that has seen great job loss since NAFTA and shows that working families win issues are resonating with voters. 

  • Karen Kostoff in Nevada reports interesting times with phone banking including reconnecting with one of her former volunteers who is willing to help again.  They are also moving into the canvassing phase full force. 

  • In Michigan, Mike Siegrist and his volunteers have moved full tilt into canvassing, only phone banking those homes and communities which are difficult to walk.  As last time, he is finding that people are grateful for ADA's issue and candidate comparison literature. 

  • Steve Chaffin in Ohio is continuing canvassing and phoning and reports good responses to our literature and lots of excitement about the campaign.  

  • In Colorado, Steph Gausch reports that her phone banks have gone well.  One was at CSU with a student group and another held in conjunction with a debate watch party where they played debate bingo around WFW issues.

ADA has spent nearly $2 million through the Working Families Win project to educate voters, train activists and get out the vote.  With just 5 days left before election day, it's now up to you.

Ask yourself, have I done everything I can.  Then, let ADA know by clicking here.

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