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ADA National Director Amy Isaacs 


Just over a month ago, voters went to the polls and delivered a resounding message that the era of bashing working families had come to an end.  They stated unequivocally that the failed policies of the Bush Administration and their Congressional allies were history.

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Yet, the tin ears in the Senate apparently failed to hear that message.  Last night, Senators - many of whom we are delighted to say - won't be back in January, failed to help our nation's crippled auto industry.  They are willing to help the Wall Street brokers and bankers but for ordinary, hard-working Americans, the only thing they can say is "Sacrifice your future.  We don't care."

We were even treated to the spectacle of some southern Senators bragging about the low wages received by their own constituents and demanding that others join the rush to the bottom.  That's right:  They are asking people who already have made major concessions to make even more.  This hearty band of anti-worker Senators claim that it is high wages which has driven the demise of the auto industry and the UAW should sacrifice their workers on the altar of corporate greed and mismanagement.  It's akin to blaming the rape victim for the rape.

Those Senators want workers to accept lower wages, poor health care and no retirement.  In short, they want them to sacrifice their livelihoods, their families and their futures.  And, for those same Senators, crippling the union movement is simply an added benefit.  Once again, they miss the point.  A healthy, vital union movement is an essential component of every thriving democracy.  It has not only benefited workers but has also helped to build the middle class, the underpinning of our society.  

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To that we say enough is enough.  When the 111th Congress convenes in January, it must heed the message voters sent in November and begin immediately to work in the interests of all Americans not just the privileged few.  The time for trickle down, trickled upon economics is over.  That's our task for next month.

Now, however, we need you to remind incumbent Members of Congress and the new Members you helped to elect exactly why they were elected.  Send a strong message of support for America's workers to them; remind them that hard work and, yes, sacrifice should be honored not dismissed.in the interests of all Americans not just the privileged few.  The time for trickle down, trickled upon economics is over.  That's our task for next month.  Call 202-224-3121 and ask to speak to your Senators.

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