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News and Notes

Dear Supporter,

Since 1947 ADA has been advocating for liberal policies, liberal politics and a liberal future.  

Over the years we've had many victories but never have we worked in a political environment as favorable as the current one.

In just 4 months ADA has scored victories with:

  • Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act
  • Unemployment benefits extension
  • A drawing down of troops in Iraq
  • The most liberal Federal budget ever proposed
  • A first step toward universal health care

That's why the Right-wing attack machine is targeting ADA.  They know how effective we are.

Last Friday the Wall Street Journal called us a goon squad for our work exposing Republican Congressman Eric Cantor's unethical ties to the banking industry - which he voted to bail out while simultaneously opposing the extension of unemployment benefits to struggling families.

They can attack us for speaking the truth all they want but we won't stop advocating for the liberal ideals that are already turning this country around.  In fact, being attacked by the Wall Street Journal tells me we're doing things right!

But we need your help to keep it up.

If you think ADA should continue holding Congress accountable, a $25 contribution today will allow us to keep the pressure on naysayers like Congressman Cantor.

Right-wing reactionaries will never stop trying to return us to the Dark Ages.  But you can make sure that never happens by supporting our work with a small donation today.

We can get a lot done in the current Washington, but we need your support.


Amy Isaacs
National Director







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News and Notes

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