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Congress Responds to ADA Call for Investigation

ADA was the first organization to call for Congressional investigations into the wheeling and dealing at our nation's financial institutions.  In response to our lobbying H.R. 768, the Commission on Financial Crisis Accountability Act has been introduced.  We believe that, when Congress puts billions into bailouts, it should understand who benefits.  Equally, we believe that full and thorough investigation of the underlying regulatory failure needs to be undertaken.  Call your Representatives at 202-224-3121 and tell them to sign on as a co-sponsor of H.R. 768.

ADA Honoree Blasts Bank CEO

In the video below ADA banquet honoree, Robert Reich, can be heard calling for the firing of Bank of America's CEO Ken Lewis.

ADA and Reich are standing up for the American middle class and the Employee Free Choice Act.  When questioned about using taxpayer funds to lobby against EFCA, Ken Lewis replied that, "Doing what's in the best interest of your company is always the best thing to do."  That corporate attitude is what got our country into our current economic woes; now is the time to reject that mindset and stand up for workers' rights!

Although you can only hear him in the video, you can meet Secretary Reich in person at the upcoming ADA National Banquet on June 5th.  Big business has committed $200 million dollars to defeat EFCA.  That's a lot of money!  But we can fight back.

Join us at the ADA National Banquet - a portion of all the money raised will go to support ADA's efforts to pass the EFCA.   It's a fantastic opportunity to meet leaders like Robert Reich and Barney Frank and to take action!

ADA Panel: Jobs, Health Care and Economic Security

ADA will host  a panel discussion at 2:30pm on June 5th - the same day as the Annual Banquet - in Washington, DC.  The panel, held in memory of former ADA President, Representative Jim Jontz (D-IN), is called Jobs, Health Care and Economic Security for Working Americans.  Confirmed speakers include economist Jeff Faux and noted health care expert Karen Davis.  More details to come.

Oppose the Panama Trade Agreement

Panama is a haven for tax cheats and money laundering schemes.  It could also be the very first country with whom President Obama and the new Congress strike a trade deal.  Unless we act to prevent it.

Over 350,000 corporations are registered in Panama.  Why?  So they can avoid paying taxes.

The Senate Homeland Security Committee estimates off-shore tax havens, like the ones in Panama, cost the government over $100 billion in lost revenue - meaning working people are stuck with the bill on tax day.  President Obama pledged to change our approach to trade, the Panama deal is a NAFTA-style holdover from the Bush Administration.

Help ADA stop the Panama Free Trade Agreement.

ADA Response to Torture Memos

Amy Isaacs, ADA National Director, released a statement in response to President Obama's refusal to prosecute Bush Administration torturers.  Read it here.

ADA Releases Policy Brief on Low Income Housing

ADA released the policy brief, Low Income Housing, by Jane Adams Finn.  The brief details the history of low income housing and proposes policy alternatives for the future.  Download your PDF copy and see other briefs here.

Sam Beer

Noted scholar and ADA Chairman (1959-1962), Sam Beer, passed away at the age of 97.  Read about his life here.

ADA Challenges Washington Post on Title IX

In [last week's] Washington Post op-ed "A Threat in Title IX," Christina Hoff Sommers misrepresented the role Title IX can play in fostering equal educational opportunity for women in the largest and richest sector of higher education -- science, technology, engineering and mathematics. She also misrepresented the history of Title IX - its goals, impacts, and struggles.  Read our complete response here.

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