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Put Doctors and Patients in Charge of Health Care

Think real health care reform isn't needed?  ADA is collecting real stories from people who can't get the care they need. Click to watch.

We have reached the crossroads and never before has your voice on health care been more important.

Right now, Congress is drafting legislation to reform health care. Will their plan really fix our broken health care system, or will it continue to let giant insurance companies price you out of good coverage and deny you insurance simply because of your age or a previous illness?

Email your lawmakers right now, and tell them you expect real health care reform.

America is about solving problems, and any reform should include a robust public plan with the following principles:

  • Affordable now: Health reform must lower costs, and the insurance industry hasn't done it when left to their own devices. We need a strong public health insurance option to compete with industry to lower rates and keep them honest, and we need it to start from day one.
  • Available everywhere: A public health insurance option available throughout the country with enough bargaining power to compete with the insurance companies who often control your local market by determining what you pay and what you get.
  • Held accountable: Tough rules with penalties for waste and abuse that apply to the private companies and the public entity offering insurance, with no favorites.
  • Accessible for all Americans, regardless of income, health status, race, employment, or gender.

Before this plan has even been debated in Congress, it's already being targeted by partisan politics and health-industry lobbyists. In the first three months of this year, nearly $35 million was spent by the largest insurance and drugs companies to ensure reform that benefits them, not you.

Tell your lawmakers you need them to fight for real health care reform.

The more people they hear from, the more we can drown out the health-industry lobbyists who don't have your best interests at heart. Please take action, then forward this to friends and family so we fix health care and get real health care freedom.

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