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Congress is in recess this week, so while they're home ask them about the following:

Clean Energy and Security Act

ADA applauds the House of Representatives for passing Friday the American Clean Energy and Security Act (H.R. 2454).

Provisions within the legislation that encourage fuel efficient vehicle production, provide for wildlife habitat impact data collection, invest in renewable energy production, protect natural resources, offer worker transition assistance, protect consumers, and create jobs are significant steps toward a needed transition to a green economy.

 "This legislation is a big step forward on common sense climate control policy," said ADA Legislative Director Darryl Fagin.

Still, this package could be stronger.  Many of the targets for renewable energy production and pollution reduction are low and slow in their enactment.  Future legislation should address new fuel efficiency standards, "smart growth" provisions and investment in a robust public transit system that are essential to comprehensive progress.

Go to ADA's website to get the latest on energy and the environment and to lobby the Senate to pass the Clean Energy and Security Act.

Health Care Reform

The final push begins now and the battle lines are drawn.  Will we get a meaningful step toward quality health care for all or simply more of the same from greedy insurance companies and their apologists?

Help us raise $25,000 to invest in health care reform.

We are kicking off an intense push in key states beginning this weekend and throughout the July 4th Congressional recess.  We're taking the fight to the streets!

We can and will win real reform this year. You, ADA and Working Families Win can do it together.  Make a donation today to put working families back in control their health care and take it out of the hands of the greedy insurance giants.  Then, send Congress an email.

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From Karen Traeger...

As the debate on health care reform heats up, here are a few facts about two of the loudest reform opponents:

  • Sen. Jon Kyl (R-AZ) said that the American people will not stand for rationed health care. He also received 1.6 million in contributions from the health care industry in 2008.
  • Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) said that Americans do not want a government run system that puts bureaucrats between patients and doctors. He received 1.7 million from the health care industry in 2008.

In the senate, they call 60% a "Super" Majority. Well a recent poll shows that 62% of Americans support President Obama's call for health care reform. I think it's easy to see that not all critics are sincere about representing the people. Instead, they receive a rather large reward for their opposition.

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