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A Transition Message from Amy Isaacs

For the past twenty years, it has been both my privilege and my pleasure to be national director of Americans for Democratic Action.  During that time, ADA:

•    Spearheaded the successful campaign to increase the federal minimum wage;
•    Organized grass roots campaigns which led to Democratic majorities in both the House and the Senate;
•    Advocated for single payer health care for America;
•    Sounded the alarm about hedge funds, sub-prime mortgages and offshore tax havens;
•    Was among the first to endorse Barack Obama's unlikely Senate bid and was delighted to help him become President;
•    And so much more.

Through it all, it has been your devoted support which has made everything we do possible.  Personally, your support has allowed me to have the most wonderful job in the world and, for ADA, it has meant that we have been able to have a positive impact on public policy which we could only dream about twenty years ago.  We couldn't be more grateful and you have my heartfelt thanks.

I want to continue supporting ADA as it moves into the future.

Now, I am retiring but I know you will be as delighted as I am with my successor.  As of August 1, Michael J. Wilson is the new face of ADA.

He is a hugely talented vice president of the United Food and Commercial Workers Union where he has led their political and legislative work.  He is a former community organizer with Capitol Hill experience who also worked at the Department of Labor under Robert Reich.  In short, he brings the breadth and depth of experience we need to carry us to an even brighter future for the liberal ideals we share.

In the next two months, we will face challenges on health care, energy policy, the economy and so much more.  Michael J. needs to get off to a strong, fast start and I know he will.  His vision and his energy will take ADA and American liberalism to new heights.  That is the promise but the challenges are enormous.  He, and we, will need to hit the ground running.

Under Michael J.'s leadership, Americans for Democratic Action will be more than up to the task.  To achieve these goals, however, he will need the full support you gave to me - and more.  So very much is at stake.  Please, therefore, take a moment now to tell him how deep your commitment is to the change we were promised last November.  Tell him you want and need him to hit the ground running and back those words up by sending in your special Transition Fund contribution today.  I guarantee you it will be money well spent.

Welcome, Michael J.  You have my whole hearted support!

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