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Farewell Message from Amy Isaacs

When I wrote to you last week, I told you how very pleased I am that Michael J. Wilson will be my successor as national director here at ADA.  I truly couldn't be more thrilled.  I know that - as you get to know him and work with him - you will be as pleased as I am. 

Michael's tenure begins at a critical point in the agenda of liberalism.  The Obama Administration has set a bold agenda to put our country back on track.  Conservatives, however, feel threatened and are striking back in ways that are almost unimaginable.  Because they know that health care reform is inevitable and because they know that they can't bring back Harry and Louise, they are working as hard as they can to make sure that whatever bill is passed is virtually meaningless. 

ADA, under Michael's leadership, will work diligently to make sure that their attacks are thwarted.  Tomorrow, he will speak at a major rally here in Washington to help deliver that message.  And, next week when Members of Congress return home for their August recess, they will be greeted by ADA activists and organizers who will deliver a very clear message:  Real reform is needed NOW.

Contribute now to ensure that real health care reform becomes a reality.

But, that's not all.  At the same time, a reenergized Right Wing is working equally hard to ensure that renewable energy and the job-creating technology needed to make it happen never get off the drawing board.  And, they are equally determined to make sure that every weapons system ever conceived continues to be constructed whether or not the Pentagon thins it is necessary.

That determined Right Wing assault on everything Americans voted for last November must be turned aside.  ADA, under Michael's leadership, will make certain that the Right Wing dream does not become a reality.

With your support, we will make sure that:
•    the first step on the path to single payer health care is a firm one which includes a real public option;    
•    the unnecessary military toys that the defense industry demands are set aside in favor of weapons which meet the needs of today's geopolitical situation;
•    the funds saved go to much-needed economic stimulus; job training, education, housing and health care;
•    a new energy policy be based on industrial development that keeps jobs at home and energy renewable;
•    true banking reform is dictated by the needs of the American people - not Goldman Sachs; and so much more.

This is just the beginning and I do realize that it is an ambitious program but I know that, with your help, we can achieve our goals.  I have absolute faith in Michael J. to meet whatever challenge comes our way.  

So, please join me today by giving a welcome Michael Wilson contribution.  I guarantee you it will be money well spent.

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