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Dear Supporter,

After months of bi-partisan negotiations during which Senate Democrats negotiated away nearly every part of health care reform that would actually make it meaningful, the Senate Finance Committee issued legislation with not a single Republican supporter.  That's right.  All those compromises and still not a single Republican signed on.

It's time the Senate stopped chasing unicorns.  We need real health care reform now. 

Help us get it done by renewing your 2010 ADA membership early.

Here are just a few of the benefits of being an ADA member:

As you know by now, the Obama Administration and Congress offer us both chanllenges and opportunities.  The President is instinctively close to us on many of the issues we hold dear.  (And even where he isn't, he is a marked improvement over his predecessor.)  The challenge for us is to help keep them all fighting for what's right.

Remember, as a former community organizer, he certainly appreciates the work of grassroots organizations like ADA in effecting change, and in advocating for issues - no matter who is in power. 

Shortly, ADA will mount a new campaign to raise the federal minimum wage.  To extend unemployment benefits to help struggling families survive in this economy.  And, yes, to fight, to fight hard, for real health care reform.

We are expanding our highly successful Working Families Win grassroots organizing project.  By the end of 2010, we will have 60 skilled, experienced organizers in the field.  Every day, all across the country, they will be educating and empowering voters to help keep Obama on the right track and to remind our Senators and Representatives exactly why they were elected.

We are also forging new paths as the leading national voice for a full employment economy and in support of marriage equality for gays and lesbians.

As you well know, all of these programs will require resources (especially in the midst of and in the aftermath of a worldwide economic slowdown).  This is your opportunity.  Help me to push ADA forward by renewing your membership today.  I guarantee it will be money well spent.


Michael J. Wilson
ADA National Director

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