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Dear Supporter,

The media is trying to decide who will win the governor's election in New Jersey.  Will it be Governor Corzine in a squeaker?  Will Chris Christie upset the incumbent governor?  And who is this guy Christopher Daggett and is he a liberal or a conservative?

Well, I think that the voters should decide the election.  When we count the votes, we will know who the Governor is.

But, as members of Americans for Democratic Action, I want to make clear that for progressive voters, for liberal voters, and for voters who want to see progressive policies move forward in New Jersey and the nation, it's clear choice:  Governor John Corzine. 

I know about the corruption challenges that the state has faced, and it has been way too much.  I also know about the fiscal and economic challenges that the state has faced - and continues to face - and the impact that it has on taxpayers and New Jersey citizens. 

In these trying times it is important that we keep focused on our values and our long term goals; justice and equal opportunity.  We all know that if Governor Corzine were interested in making money, he never would have gone into public service.  And none of us doubts during these times that many of us refer to as the Great Recession, it is helpful to have both economic and governmental experience leading New Jersey.

Chris Christie?  He thinks that pre-school is babysitting 

He doesn't understand the importance of early childhood education to the state's economy.

Chris Daggett?  His experience as an advisor to former Governor Kean and in the Reagan Administration tells you about his conservative, free market philosophy.

The election will be close - all of the polls show the race is at a statistical tie when you factor in the margin of error.  But polls don't decide elections - voters do.  I hope that progressive voters are able to see through the fog of the political campaign and measure their values against the current election's candidates.  At the end of the day, which candidate best reflects your values?

ADA will continue to fight regardless of the result of the New Jersey governor's election.  But we know that we will be better off if (1) voters like you get real information.  (2) You are active voices and voters for progressive issues.  And (3) If you will join with your neighbors in New Jersey and with other liberal activists around the nation by contributing $5 or $10 to help us build the legislative, political, and issue campaigns for 2009 and 2010.

Because we don't think that things are as good as they can get.  We think they can better.  That's why we do the work that we do everyday; organizing, lobbying, and connecting on issues.  We hope you can help us.

One more thing; there is an election on Tuesday, November 3rd.  And it isn't over yet.

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