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Dear Supporter,

When counting down on New Years Eve, I'll have lots of memories of 2009.  It won't be of Michael Jackson, the White House party crashers, or even Sarah Palin's autobiography.  It'll be about what we have done - together - to fight for a better nation.

Why just in December we published a blog on the Huffington Post on education, an op ed in the nation's weekly LGBT paper in support of marriage equality and appeared as a guest on on Rick Smith's Radio Show and appeared as a talking about unemployment.  We have also lobbied Capitol Hill to fix health care, fight for a woman's right to choose, and strategized with former ADA President Rep. Jim McDermott.

But it's not enough.  You know it and we know it.  The high hopes of last January have met the hard reality of August and the results are not pretty.  That's why we can't wait for 2010; in fact, we are already working on rolling out our voting record for the first session of the 111th Congress (Hint: Joe Lieberman is not going to be a hero) and we are hosting an innovative remembrance of Dr. Martin Luther King that we believe will make you proud.

There are many ways that we know that you are proud of us, but one of them is your financial support.  Wal-Mart, Bank of America, and the Republican National Committee have millions of dollars, but they won't be sharing anything with us.  But if you are proud of the work that we are doing, we are asking if you can dig deep one last time this year to help us make January as productive as December, and 2010 as productive as 2009.  A tax deductible gift to the ADA Education fund for $37.50 or $75 can help us upgrade our technology systems, increase our effectiveness, and educate policymakers on ADA's priorities.

You know what we'll do because you know what we've done.  Ever since 1947 we have pushed for progressive policies and liberal causes.  But you really don't have to go back that far; just look at what we're doing today.

Happy New Year!

Michael J. Wilson, ADA National Director

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