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Fox News has a Senate Candidate in Massachusetts

For decades, Senator Edward M. Kennedy represented our state as an unabashed liberal, leading the Senate in fights for economic and social justice.  His legacy is clear - but for those of us who still live in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, there is a real challenge.

The special election that is scheduled for Tuesday, January 19th is too close to call.  The Democratic candidate, Attorney General Martha Coakley is being challenged by the Republican candidate, State Senator Scott Brown.  Coakley won a Democratic Primary with 48% of the 654,000 votes cast, versus Browns' 89% of 162,000 votes that were cast in the Republican Primary.  Why then is this race so close?

First - The energy of the Far Right in support of Scott Brown is intense.  Here is a video with Sean Hannity from Fox News where Scott Brown promises to be the 41st vote to stop health care and other Democratic initiatives.  Money from conservative groups is pouring in to the state to try to win this election for the Republican candidate.

Second - Brown has cloaked himself in moderate-like garb to avoid offending the liberal values of most Massachusetts voters.  He claims to support marriage equality and permitting lesbian and gay couples to marry - but won't support overturning the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) at the federal level and wants the issue left to the states.  He seems forget that he is running for FEDERAL, not state office and overturning DOMA is necessary to permit national equality (otherwise couples married in Massachusetts face legal discrimination in other states).  He claims to be pro-choice - but is against federal funding, meaning that he would likely support the anti-choice Stupak amendment in health care.

Third - it all depends on turnout.  If enough voters go to the polls, their natural inclination will be to support Coakley, the liberal, and not Brown, the conservative.  Everything that we do which encourages turnout - like absentee voting - helps to ensure a victory.  If you want to vote absentee, you can click here, but you have to apply by January 15th. 

You know that Americans for Democratic Action supports progressive policies and liberal causes.  You can help us continue this fight by contributing $10 online to ADA to help us spread the word about the Coakley-Brown race and fight for the issues we hold dear.  But as a Massachusetts voters we are in a special position to make the difference in next week's election.  Please join me in making the Kennedy legacy a liberal one, and not one that Sean Hannity and Fox News can brag about by voting for Martha Coakley and supporting Americans for Democratic Action.


Richard Parker, ADA President
Cambridge, Massachusetts

P.S.  Please forward this email to your neighbors!  Spread the word and help make a difference!

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