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Jobs Bill Moves Forward

The Senate voted yesterday on a streamelined jobs bill.  Five Republicans voted with 57 Democrats to move the bill forward.  The bill would offer companies that hire unemployed workers a payroll tax exemption, and would provide a $1,000 credit to employers that keep new employees on the payroll for at least 52 weeks.  The bill also would extend a tax break from last year's simulus package that encourages businesses to invest in capital expenditures, along with some other incentives to fuel job growth.  Now it's the House's turn to act on jobs...

The real unemployment rate of 17.2% shows the real difficulty of finding jobs in this economy.  What's even worse; however, is the African American unemployment rate of 24.3% as ADA National Director Michael J. Wilson pointed out in a blog for the Huffington Post that focuses on African American History Month.

Financial Reform

ADA, which is a member of the coalition group, Americans for Financial Reform, is participating in a campaign to make sure that Congress hears from average Americans all over the nation, and not just lobbyists for banks here inside the beltway.  Click HERE to send an email to Congress TODAY and make sure that they know you support real reform.

The Loss of A Leader

We are also saddened to note the passing of Beth Shulman, a staunch advocate for worker's rights, working women, and low-wage workers.  A former International Vice President of the United Food and Commercial Workers Union (UFCW) she was a frequent speaker and guest at ADA conventions and meetings.  Ms. Shulman was 60, and her Washington Post obituary is here.  All who knew her will miss her brilliant analysis and sincere compassion.

Did You Know...

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