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National Senate Call-in Week

This week, as the Senate takes up financial reform legislation, we ask our supporters to participate in the National Senate Call-in Week!  We are asking our Senators to end the abuses that led to the financial crisis.  Specifically, we are asking them to:

  • Crack down on irresponsible and reckless behavior from Wall Street banks and hold them accountable for their actions;
  • Protect consumers from unfair and deceptive practices by credit card companies, mortgage companies, and predatory lenders;
  • Create an independent consumer financial protection agency that can get the job done right;
  • Close the loopholes that allow secret and risky 'shadow market' deals where big banks gamble with our money, and then expect us to pay when they have a losing hand.

Call your Senator now toll free at 866-544-7573!  Don't know who your Senator is?  Look it up on our Contact Lawmakers tool!

The New Urgency for Campaign Finance Reform

Did you know that businesses can now pressure workers on political issues?  That's just one of the many side effects of the Supreme Court's Citizens United decision.  Congress is currently drafting legislation to address problems caused by the decision, but it's critical that the legislation limits corporate influence as well as protects employee rights on the job.

For more on workplace rights, check out ADA Board member Lewis Maltby's new book, Can They Do That? Retaking Our Fundamental Rights in the Workplace.

Free Speech & Terrorist Groups

The Supreme Court is going to consider another free speech case.  On one side, we have the Obama and Bush Administrations. On the other side, we have former President Carter, ADA Board Member Professor Ralph Fertig, and the Humanitarian Law Project. The question is whether Americans can lawfully advise organizations defined as "terrorist" in order to encourage them to utilize peaceful avenues to resolve conflicts.  We certainly hope so!

White House Health Care Summit

Last week was the President's Health Care Summit.  It's not clear if any minds were changed, but the President did put this bill on the table.  After more than a year, do the Democrats have what it takes to pass it through? 

Unemployment Bill

200,000 people will lose their unemployment benefits this week if emergency legislation is not passed.  Tomorrow, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid will move to extend COBRA, Medicaid and other critical services for unemployed workers until the end of the year.  Help ADA continue to stand up for the millions of unemployed workers across America. 

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