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Waking Up to Health Care!

Thanks to yesterdays vote, Americans woke up this morning to health care reform!  Although hardly as robust as advocated for by ADA, the House-passed bill is a step forward.  For a summary of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, click here! 

Before we pull out the fireworks, though, let's not forget that the House-passed reconciliation bill still has to pass the Senate.  Give your Senator a call toll-free today (877-264-4226) and encourage them to take the next step to move America forward. 

Immigration Rally

While the Congress was considering historic health care legislation, tens of thousands of activists marched in the Nation's capitol in support of immigration reform.  The long planned march drew activists from the east coast, the west coast, and multiple states, all in support of reforming our nation's broken immigration system.  Endorsed by multiple progressive, labor, and immigrant rights organizations, marchers expressed hope that the importance of worker protections, family reunification, and adjusting the legal status of undocumented workers would be a high priority after the passage of health care.  "It doesn't matter if you came from Europe or South America, we came here for the same thing; immigration reform" said Polish-born Pawul Guziec of Chicago.  President Obama addressed the group by video, and Senators Schumer (D-NY) and Graham (R-SC) issued a framework that could provide the basis for bi-partisan comprehensive reform.

Silent Victory:  Jobs Bill Passed!

With all the talk about health care, you may have missed the jobs bill passing last week!  As a result,  America's unemployed workers and businesses will see: 

  • A payroll tax holiday for businesses and nonprofits, to encourage hiring;
  • Accelerated depreciation to help employers expland operations;
  • Billions of dollars in direct infrastructure improvements;
  • Federal help with bond financing to leverage additional infrastructure programs

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