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Financial Reform Picking Up Steam

Liberals see opportunity for stronger financial reform in the wake of the Goldman Sachs scandal, including their executives' tone-deaf Congressional testimony last week. Hundreds of amendments to the Wall Street re-regulation bill are expected to be filed today, including one from Sen. Sherrod Brown (OH) and Sen. Ted Kaufman (DE) that would address "to big to fail" by capping bank size.  Also, ADA president Richard Parker discussed in a Boston Globe Op Ed how Wall Street speculators have profited from stoking the Greek financial crisis.

A Rational Response to Immigration

On the heels of Arizona's unconstitutional response to the immigration crisis, Senate Democrats have unveiled a comprehensive plan to deal with the issue. (The only Republican who had been working on it bolted from the negotiations last week.) The proposal includes beefed up border security, a biometric Social Security card to check the immigration status of potential employees, and a path to citizenship for the 10 million hard-working, undocumented workers already here and contributing to society.

Oil Spilled - Lessons Learned?

The Deepwater Horizon oil spill which occurred last week is truly a devastating disaster.  Not only will coastal wildlife and their habitat be damaged, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Florida will all suffer both environmentally and economically.  Yet, from this disaster hope arises for an important lesson and policy change:  the Obama Administration has halted all new off-shore drilling projects.  Furthermore, the Senators that stood up against off-shore drilling and in favor of a greener climate-change bill might finally get the audience they deserve. 


  • Save the Date:  The Annual ADA convention is coming up.  We will have speakers, panels, commissions, and awards.  We are negotiating for rates with a union hotel and plan to spend our entire first day on Capitol Hill in the recently opened Visitors Center.  The schedule is as follows:    

                    Thursday, June 10th at 9:00 am.  - 6:00 p.m.
                    Friday, June 11th - 8:45 - 6:00 (Friday night banquet)
                    Saturday, June 12 - 8:45 - 11:30
          More information coming soon!

  • Hawaii takes a step forward, while Arizona takes 2 steps back.  We're happy to announce that the Hawaii legislature voted to recognizing civil unions last week.  The bill has been sent to the Governor and is waiting to be signed into law.  Arizona Governor Jan Brewer, however, eliminated her state's recently created domestic partnership benefits saying that "God has placed me in this powerful position".
  • In case you missed it last week, ADA's 2009 Voting Record has been released!  Find the most liberal Republicans and conservative Democrats… and more!

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