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No Unemployment Benefits, No Recess

ADA activists are outraged at the Senate for once again blocking the extension of unemployment benefits to millions of unemployed Americans.  Every single Republican Senator, joined by one Democrat, Ben Nelson (D- NE), voted against extending benefits - even with the unemployment rate as high as 9.7 percent.

We need your help today to send a clear message to Republicans and Democrats alike that this is unacceptable and they need to help the millions of Americans struggling to find work in this recession.  Will you stand with Americans for Democratic Action and demand that the Senate get back to work on a bill that will help struggling families in these tough times?  Sign Americans for Democratic Action's petition and we will get it to your Senator now.  Then take the next step and forward it to all of your friends and post the petition on your social network status.

Financial Reform or Bust

On Friday, the House-Senate conference on financial reform finished its business, clearing the bill for final Congressional Action and the President's signature.  The conference report includes a new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which will have broad oversight abilities over mortgage-related businesses, banks and other financial companies, along with tools to fight predatory lending and other actions deleterious to consumers.  Even after enactment, banks will still be able to become too big to fail, but at least there will be procedures to prevent another collapse and the government will have stronger tools to deal with it potential problems and to limit the spread of economic troubles.

Check out what our intern Dan has to say about financial reform on his latest blog post!


On October 2, 2010, ADA will join thousands of activists as we march in Washington, DC to put America back to work and pull Americans together.  Join us to push for new jobs, a fair banking system and an American economy that works for average Americans.  More info.


  • Senator Byrd, the longest serving U.S. Senator, passed away early today.  The West Virginian Democrat was a respected voice in the Senate witha long and complicated career.  For more on his life, click here.
  • If you live in the Greater Washington Area and are interested in progressive politics, ADA local chapter) GWADA is for you!  GWADA will be hosting a reception honoring local Progressive Heroes from 5:30 - 7:30 on Thursday July 15th.  Join rep. Norton (D-DC), Sen. Cardin (D-MD), Rep. Moran (D-VA) and more!
  • Last week, ADA hosted the showing of the documentary in progress, Brothers on the Line. The film, by Sasha Reuther, is about the brave Reuther brothers (including ADA co-founder, Walter Reuther) and their struggle to organize the United Auto Workers (UAW) and fight for civil rights. Learn more about the film!

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