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Maybe this is what progress looks like in 2010.  In the last two weeks we've seen:

1 - A partial over turning of the Arizona's discriminatory SB1070, reaffirming the federal government's authority in immigration.

2 - A clear overturning of California's discriminatory Proposition 8.  In spite of voter approval, Judge Walker made clear that the initiative violates the equal protection clause of the 14th amendment.  Add your name and a personal message to ADA's thank you card to Judge Walker.

3 - The extension of unemployment benefits for unemployed workers. It remains incredibly frustrating to have to get 60 Senators (meaning at least two Republicans) for anything and everything that the Senate must pass, but this was a real lifeline to 2.5 million unemployed workers all over the nation.  It's not as good as a jobs bill, but it is necessary, and progress to those struggling in the current jobs crisis.

4 - The confirmation of the Supreme Court's newest Associate Justice, Elana Kagan may not shift the balance between liberals and conservatives on the Court, but helps to put the Obama stamp on the Court.  In addition, for the first time in history, the Court will be 1/3 female.

5  - Finally, the House will vote on Tuesday on the Senate passed bill to provide $16.1 billion to the states for increased Medicaid funding, plus an additional $10 billion for school districts to avert the layoff of nearly 140,000 teachers. Unfortunately, it is partially funded by an $11.9 billion reduction in SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) which will translate into a reduction of food assistance for families by 2014. Liberals are vowing to pass the bill while finding another offset to prevent SNAP cuts.

All in all, despite conservative and Republican intransigence, progress is slowly being made. In addition, this veritable "deluge" of progress may yet shift the focus of the American electorate to place blame on the obstructionists, and to encourage the Obama Administration to be more bold and progressive in their approach to the challenges they face...


ADA Board Member James Roosevelt addressed the 75th Anniversary of the Social Security Act with a substantive and thoughtful address that was shared by C-Span.  He addressed the strengths of the program, why it is still needed, and why its historic enemies continue to use disingenuous arguments to attack it.

ADA National Director Michael J. Wilson was a guest on the Rick Smith radio show on Saturday, addressing his recent New York Times letter to the editor regarding the terms "liberal" and "progressive". 

News and Notes will take a hiatus during the August Congressional Recess; but you can keep up with our daily activities online, on Facebook, or by following us on Twitter.

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