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We Won't Take This Pledge!

The Republican "Pledge To America" combines a rehash of the 1994 Contract against America, Bush domestic policies that contributed to the economic debacle, and Tea Party slogans of 2010.  Yesterday's New York Times explains, in part, why the policy prescriptions are "devoid of tough policy choice" and how they would take the nation backwards. If this is the document by which they want to govern, and by which they want voters to judge them, then only on the Fox News Channel will they get a positive review.  Their best hope is that no one actually reads it; here it is

DADT and DREAM Act Deferred

The defeat of Don't Ask Don't Tell and the DREAM act in the Senate last week confirmed three important facts.  (1) The Republicans are clearly willing to filibuster anything to prevent progress on any issue.  (2) Having a vote that we can score lets activists and voters all over the nation know where their Senators stand.  There is no need to guess who is against discrimination and who is for reasonable immigration reform for America's youth.  (3) The November election results will determine whether there will be any legislative progress on either of these issues in the near future.

Bush Tax Cuts - No Vote Yet

The battle over the Bush tax cuts continues with Republicans in support of extending the entire  package (including and ESPECIALLY for those making over $250,000) and Democrats divided.  Like many hot political issues, it appears that the vote may be put off until after the November election.  ADA has joined with other progressive organizations to oppose the extension of the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy which would cost taxpayers $678 billion over 10 years. 

Remember, the November election matters.  If you're not already registered, here is a link to register to vote today.  Overseas?  Register here!


  • Local Activist Gail O'Brien was the first person in New Hampshire to benefit from the Affordable Care Act. Gail was previously uninsured and diagnosed with high grade non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.  The new provisions went into effect last week. 
  • ADA has endorsed and will participate in the One Nation March in Washington DC this Saturday.  Please email us if you want to march with ADA.
  • ADA's national director Michael J. Wilson addressed the Civil Rights and Equity Conference of the Communications Workers of America in New Orleans this past weekend emphasizing our shared values and partnership in the struggle for workers' rights and civil rights.

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