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Unemployment’s Been Extended-- So Too Should Be the Benefits

As we approach the third holiday season of the Great Recession, millions of long-term jobless will lose their unemployment benefits November 30, unless Congress acts now. ADA is joining its allies in the progressive and labor communities to lobby the outgoing Congress to extend those benefits for a year.  The extension is not just a vital lifeline for hard-pressed families, but vital to the economy, too. Local communities get a boost when those dollars are spent on food, housing, health care and in millions of small local businesses.

Lobbying in Washington alone won’t work without grassroots effort in all 50 states. Urge your members of Congress to vote for a one-year extension of unemployment benefits by joining a
National Call-In Day tomorrow (at the site, fill in your phone number, and the automated system will call you back and connect you to your senators).  There’s more. To focus attention on the crisis, vote for The Unemployed American as Time magazine’s Person of the Year.

Cambridge Connection: ADA-Harvard Symposium This Saturday

Ever since the midterm election results rolled in, we’ve been barraged with analyses of what happened (some of it of dubious value), but not enough planning for what’s next.  The ADA Education Fund is offering both at its symposium this Saturday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government.  Confirmed speakers include U.S. Representative and ADA President Lynn Woolsey and renowned economist and ADA vice president James Galbraith.   If you live in the Boston area, contact us about attending in person.  Otherwise, watch a live streaming feed of the proceedings online.

Radio Waves: ADA Advocacy on the Air

 “The Union Edge”, the on-the-air/online radio service based in Pittsburgh has offered ADA a regular show exploring labor politics and policy.  The premier broadcast featured interviews with economist Paul Manchester, who discussed the challenges of unemployment and policy prescriptions. Don Kusler, Director of ADA’s grassroots organizing project Working Families Win, discussed our efforts to educate and motivate voters in targeted communities.


  • MEDICAL OPINION: “Gailcare, Not Obamacare!” , National Director Michael J. Wilson’s latest Huffington Post essay points out that it is not Barack Obama but cancer patients like Gail O’Brien who will suffer if health care reform is repealed.
  • ADA has sent letters of congratulation to our progressive friends who won reelection earlier this month and letters of thanks to those who served us well but are now moving on to new endeavors.
  • SPEAKING OF LETTERS:  You can now access on our website a prototype letter to the editor on a different timely topic each week. Read it; make it your own, and send it to your local paper.  This is a great way to address our issues and to get ADA’s name before the public.


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