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Out of Commission

The federal deficit commission voted on its proposed recommendations Friday and ADA responded forcefully! Although the unbalanced plan calling for sacrifice on the part of the middle class through later retirement, smaller pensions, higher gas taxes, and huge federal jobs layoffs (and no real sacrifice from the nation’s wealthy) failed to garner the votes to move forward in Congress, its proponents now claim it’s the starting point for future debate. ADA answered with a critique on its website, on Facebook, and by way of a video and transcript of  the recent remarks of ADA vice president and noted economist James Galbraith about why liberals must stand up to this brand of phony “compromise.”


Congressional Republicans and some centrist Democrats are using excuses to cloak their opposition to the DREAM Act. DREAM, scheduled for a vote this week, would give the children of undocumented workers a path to citizenship if they graduate from high school, stay crime-free and either attend college or serve in the military. It would even save the country money.  It deserves everyone’s support—no excuses.

Don't Ask, Don't Tell - Sign the petition!

Repeal of the military’s anachronistic “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy is closer than ever.  Now the Senate must stay in session, and stand up to repeal’s opponents, as well as those who would hold this important policy change hostage to a totally unrelated deal on taxes.  Sign our petition in support of repealing this policy, once and for all!


  • Acting on ADA’s program to generate more letters to the editor—to highlight both causes and the organization—ADA board member Mary Von Euler placed an excellent post-midterm analysis in her local weekly. Visit our website to send a prototype letter in 3 clicks and for helpful hints on getting published.

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