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Wisconsin, Indiana and Ohio

ADA Board members protesting with Rep. Dennis Kucinich in OhioLike the demand for political freedom in the Middle East, the push for economic justice in America’s midwest is spreading quickly from state to state. The struggle in defense of workers’ rights and the middle class that began and continues in Wisconsin (crowds estimates reached as high as 100,000 on Sunday), is now being echoed in Ohio and Indiana, and at solidarity rallies from coast to coast.

Americans have come to understand that the struggle in Madison is everyone’s fight. Even though police are specifically excluded from Governor Walker’s attempt to strip public employees of their collective bargaining rights, the head of the Wisconsin police union called Walker’s power grab “wrong” and urged his members to join the protesters who have taken over the state capitol.  ADA members stand in solidarity with workers fighting for their rights.

A Big Week for Equality

ADA continues to be a leading voice for civil rights and last week was a truly historic for LGBT activists.  First, President Obama declared the Defense of the Marriage Act (DOMA) unconstitutional and announced that the Department of Justice would no longer uphold the discriminatory law.  Then ADA's Hawaii chapter helped press forward with Governor Neil Abercrombie, who signed Hawaii's new civil union law.  Finally, in the great state of "Marryland", the State Senate passed a marriage equality bill for the state.  ADA's Michael J. Wilson testified in the State Legislature on Friday in support of the legislation.  Read our statement here

A Government Shutdown?

The rumors of a potential government shutdown have been running wild.  However, the most recent word is that Democrats and Republicans are nearing a deal for a short-term funding measure that would keep government operations running for an additional two weeks, giving Congress more time to negotiate and avoid a government shutdown that could weaken our fragile economy.


  • Do you know that 2 of our Supreme Court Judges are widely criticized for their Tea Party and Corporate ties that may have affected the Citizens United case?  Learn more and sign the petition urging for a full investigation.
  • The NYC ADA Chapter will celebrate it's annual Roosevelt Dinner in New York City on May 25, 2011.  The dinner will honor Larry Hanley, President of the Amalgamated Transit Union.  Contact Marvin Rich at the New York City ADA Chapter at (212) 367-8883 for tickets, ads and more information.

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