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Battle in the Heartland

Wisconsin, Ohio and Indiana have more in common than geography.  They are the front lines in the conservative Right Wing effort to undermine collective bargaining in the public sector and further weaken the middle class.  While the situation in each state is different, the similarities in their struggles are eerie - and have fomented a reaction which has the possibility of re-energizing not just the labor movement, but grassroots progressive politics in general.

ADA Today

ADA's historic publication on policy and politics is back!  It is new, improved and online!  It features articles ranging from the ADA Education Fund’s Post-Election Symposium at Harvard University -- to policy analysis -- to an update on our work in the field on LGBT civil rights issues.  Find out for yourself what's inside!

Budget Compromise - Will the “Party of No” Compromise?

President Obama offered a budget compromise to Republicans this weekend, leaving Republicans with the choice of compromising with the President or shutting down the entire federal government.  Speaker Boehner (R- OH) is under pressure to appease the feisty freshman who campaigned for $100 billion in cuts, but a government shutdown would be disastrous, as we learned in 1995 when Newt Gingrich refused to work with President Clinton. The big question is, “Are the Republicans willing to cease being the ’party of no’ and ready to work with the Democrats to advance the public interest?”


  • ADA National Director Michael J. Wilson's latest nationally-syndicated op-ed, “Union protests are America's Cairo moment" has already appeared in dozens of pappers across the country.  Read it here.
  • On Friday, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) released the latest job numbers.  While there are definite signs of improvement, it's a fagile recovery that could easily be choked off by the GOP's draconian budget cuts or government shutdown.

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