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This Baby Needs a Spanking

We normally don't support corporal punishment - but this baby needs a spanking!

Last night, 67 Members of Congress chose to turn their backs on hard working Americans by voting against the Economic Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 - the plan proposed by President Obama and the House Democrats to create jobs, give the middle class the tax cuts they deserve and invest in the infrastructure and state services our nation desperately needs.  Your Representative was one of them!

What makes these 67 lawmakers particularly heinous is the fact that last September all were happy to give away $700 billion of your tax dollars to big business, banks and Wall Street wheelers and dealers.  Billions and billions for the crooks that caused this mess and nothing for the people who are suffering the most because of their greed?  It's an outrage! 

Your Representative needs a spanking and a firm reminder of just what happens to lawmakers who think they know better than their constituents.  Send this email to your expressing your outrage.

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