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Tell Congress NO New Nuclear Power!

The tragic events in Japan have proven once again that nuclear power is not safe. Even with all of the safety measures in place there, multiple nuclear power plants are malfunctioning and at risk of releasing even more radiation.

President Obama's 2012 budget, still being debated in the U.S. Congress, includes $36 million in subsidies for nuclear power. The lobbyist for the nuclear energy industry are in overdrive trying to retain these subsides and expand them to create even more power plants across the country.

If nuclear plants in Japan, where they follow stricter building and maintenance standards than in the U.S., can still fail -- causing what could be devastating consequences for months or even years to come -- the same thing could certainly happen here, where several plants are located on active fault lines.

Sign the petition and tell President Obama, Dr. Steven Chu, Secretary of Energy and your members of Congress not to subsidize nuclear energy and focus on expanding green technologies today!