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Tell Obama Not to Cut Social Security & Medicare!

We have a problem.

Even before formal budget negotiations have begun, President Obama and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi are suggesting cuts to Social Security and Medicare.  

They want to reduce Social Security payments by changing the inflation rates to "chained CPI", a flawed economic logic which assumes that if health care costs are too high, seniors will switch to cheaper options.  While this may be true with cars and other purchases, it does not account for the fact that seniors often do not have a choice.  As for Medicare, they have suggested savings from "means-testing" Medicare, or cutting benefits from middle-income retirees.

It's our job at ADA to stand up for the progressive issues that affect our communities.  While we will praise the President for his good deeds, we are not afraid to criticize him when he veers too far towards the right.  This reminds us too much of the 2009 health care negotiations when the President removed a single-payer option from the table before even sitting down.  We cannot let that happen again.  

Together, we must stand up and protect Social Security and Medicare.  Sign the petition below and we'll send it to President Obama and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

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Number Date Name Location
3058 7.1 years ago William Allen Fort Oglethorpe, GA
3057 9.2 years ago Katherine Harris Nashville, TN
3056 9.4 years ago Virginia Manion Santa Fe, NM
3055 9.4 years ago Brody Hagemeier St. Cloud, MN
3054 9.6 years ago Anonymous huntsville, AL
3053 9.6 years ago Mark and Judy Harvey Great Bend, PA
3052 9.7 years ago David Korn Baltimore, MD
3051 9.7 years ago MIKE CLIPKA LATHROP, CA
3050 9.7 years ago Robert Sledzaus Reston, VA
3049 9.7 years ago Richard Brean Pittsburgh, PA
3048 9.7 years ago Bruce Berry Bristol, RI
3047 9.7 years ago Virginia Wright Lincoln, NE
3046 9.7 years ago Elaine Fischer Roanoke, VA
3045 9.7 years ago James Hoff Kaaawa, HI
3044 9.7 years ago Sam Ritchie Brooklyn, NY
3043 9.7 years ago Dianne Miller San Diego, CA
3042 9.7 years ago Yohance Trice Chicago, IL
3041 9.7 years ago philip patterson Flushing, NY
3040 9.7 years ago Conrad Ko San Francisco, CA
3039 9.7 years ago D P F, FL
3038 9.7 years ago D P F, FL
3037 9.7 years ago Anonymous Mauk, GA
3036 9.7 years ago Anonymous New York, NY
3035 9.7 years ago Joanne Look St Paul, MN
3034 9.7 years ago Joanne Look St Paul, MN
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